Don’t forget the clocks go forward by one hour at 01.00 on Sunday morning, 29th March 2020. This means that if you have a terminal hour on your licence of 02.00 you will need to close an hour early unless your licence has a ‘summertime’ condition. Don’t get caught out, unlicensed trading carries hefty penalties including prison time!

Why do the clocks go forward for British Summer Time?

British Summer Time came into existence with the Summer Time Act, passed by Parliament in 1916. Germany was the first country to adopt the clock-changing plan on April 30, 1916, and on May 21, Britain followed suit, during the height of the First World War.

Supporters at the time argued the scheme would save energy by reducing domestic coal consumption. They also said it would increase supplies available for the huge manufacturing cost of the war effort. It has been in place ever since.

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