When ordering your next set of price lists or menus from the printers, bear in mind the following legal requirements:

  • There is a general obligation to give sufficient information to customers at the point of sale, so they are not misled on prices. Price lists should include all material information which a customer needs to make an informed choice, including an accurate description of the name; brand of the drink, including alcoholic strength where appropriate;
  • Prices should be inclusive of VAT.
  • Where wine is sold in various measures, then it is fine to simply display the price of one measure, provided the other measures are sold at proportionately the same price, for example, if a 250ml glass of wine is £8 then there is no need to display that a 125ml glass is £4 etc. however bear in mind the mandatory condition to ensure customers are aware of the availability of 125ml glasses, so our advice is to display pricing for both anyway.
  • Any pricing needs to be clear and easily legible by an average customer. The most sensible place to display the price is at the bar.
  • Don’t forget to include details of any allergens in foods in compliance with the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation which came into law in December 2014

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