We are often asked if there are any specific signage a licensee should be displaying. In this article we look at the ‘non-licensing’ signs you may need to have on view. Putting aside the obvious ones like fire exit and toilet signage you may want to consider some of the following:-


Data Protection

  • You must let anyone know when they are in an area being filmed by CCTV. Signs need to be visible and legible to members of the public, contain details of the organisation (or individual for sole traders) operating the system, the purpose for using the CCTV and who to contact about it. A simple ‘smile you’re on camera’ scrawled on a piece of A4 is not sufficient!
  • A little-known aspect of data protection law is ‘Right of Subject Access’; everyone has a legal right to request a copy of their images captured on CCTV and subject to certain reasonable conditions the organisation responsible for the CCTV system (the Data Controller) must provide a copy.


Health and Safety

  • Assuming that you employ members of staff, then a notice advising of health and safety laws needs to be displayed, advising employees all that they need to know about health and safety. Copies of this can be obtained from 21st Century Licensing.  This legal requirement came in from 5th April 2014.
  • Additionally, you need to display a health and safety policy statement about how you manage health and safety risks within the work place.
  • Both of these notices should be displayed in staff areas.


Food Allergen Labelling

  • Any allergen information about the 14 most common foods known to cause allergic reaction must be supplied on menus, chalkboards or in another written format. If you choose the riskier route of providing allergen information verbally, then notices need to be prominently displayed, perhaps at the bar or point of sale of the food, advising customers that this is the case.


Company Details

  • If your business is run by a trading company, then it must display its registered name at the location where it carries on its business. The notice must be legible, and displayed where it can easily be seen at any time


Other Signage

  • If you do operate strobe lighting, we would also advise that it would be sensible to display notices advising of its use.
  • You may want to display your food hygiene rating (although guess what? generally only those operators with good ratings tend to display it!).
  • You can display your PRS and PPL licences but, again, there is no legal requirement to do so.
  • We will cover licensing signage in a future blog but a plea to you all…. Put your licence summary on public display, it’s one of the easiest offences for an enforcement officer to pin on you if you don’t!!

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