We are often asked by clients looking to expand their shop businesses to explain the rules in regard to home delivery of alcohol.

There are two categories this could fall into really and for both of them you need a premises licence which allows the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises and for both the transaction needs to have taken place in the licensed premises.

Online Sales. With the increased trend to ordering online, many traders are looking to sell their wines and spirits this way and deliver them to a client. The important thing to remember is that if you allow people to order in the middle of the night that’s when the sale occurred, even if the delivery takes place during the following day. – So, you’ll need a 24-hour licence

Goods paid for instore. Providing the sale takes place within the permitted hours and payment takes place instore, the only restriction on when you deliver items will be if there are conditions preventing delivery within certain hours.

In both cases payment on delivery is a big no no! Also remember you’ll need to ensure you have robust procedures in place to ensure whoever receives the delivery is not underage. If your licence has a challenge 25 condition this extends to the delivery service too.

Whichever method you choose, contact us for advice