In April this year the Licensing Act 2003 was amended by the Policing and Crime Act 2017. There were a number of amendments which could affect licensees including a tightening of the powers surrounding summary reviews and a clearer definition that alcohol includes liquor ‘in any state’ as opposed to the weaker (excuse the pun!) Licensing Act description.

Perhaps the most significant change was that the power to suspend or revoke a personal licence will be extended to the Licensing Authority, alongside the courts. We anticipate that the Licensing Authority are much more likely to make use of these powers than is currently the case with the courts, and that Police authorities will see this as a quicker and easier route to the removal of a licence. Licensees will have the right to against such decisions to the Magistrate’s Court.

We urge clients to make the earliest possible contact with 21st Century Licensing in the event that their personal licence is called in for ‘review’ or for assistance with a Magistrates appeal.

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