Well almost! – from 6th April 2015 when the Deregulation Act 2015 amended the Licensing Act 2003, if you have a licence for alcohol consumption ON the premises and it is open for the sale of alcohol,  you can benefit from a raft of exemptions from requiring a licence for entertainment between 8am and 11pm.

Furthermore any conditions attached to your Premises Licence which refer to entertainment are suspended during that period and do not apply unless they are re-imposed at a review hearing

21st Century Licensing can advise in full on these exemptions but in short they are as follows:-

Live Music

Live amplified music in on-licensed premises authorised and open for the sale of alcohol does not require a licence for audiences up to 500 from 8am until 11:00pm. Background live music continues to be exempt at all times.

Recorded Music

Recorded music in on-licensed premises benefits from the same exemption as amplified live music above, with the same audience limit.

Performance of Plays, Indoor Sporting Events and Performances of Dance

For Plays & ‘Performances of Dance’ (non-customer dancing that is intended to entertain an audience), for audiences up to 500 (and in the case of indoor sporting events, up to 1,000) from 8am until 11:00pm none of these activities require authorisation under the Licensing Act.

Lap-dancing and other forms of sexual entertainment on up to 11 occasions a year remain regulated under the 2003 Act (any more will require a Sexual Entertainment Venue licence)


No licence is required for ‘not-for-profit’ film exhibition held in community premises between 08.00 and 23.00 on any day provided that the audience does not exceed 500 and the organiser (a) gets consent to the screening from a person who is responsible for the premises; and (b) ensures that each such screening abides by age classification ratings.

Boxing & Wrestling

This activity remains regulated under the Act (and now explicitly includes mixed martial arts) apart from Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling.

Be Aware

It should be noted that deregulation does not exempt you from the Environmental Protection Act and you could find yourself on the wrong end of a Noise Abatement Notice is you get too loud!

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