Alcohol Licensing

21st Century Licensing specialise in alcohol and entertainment applications. No matter what type of premises you run, be it a pub, restaurant, off licence / convenience store, nightclub or hotel (yes, even a bed and breakfast can need licensing) we can assist you in obtaining permission from your local authority. So whether your plan is to become a publican and you need a bar licence or you’ve always hankered to run an your local offy, you’ve come to the right place! We can offer the following services:

Personal Licences
Every Premises Licensed for the sale of alcohol has to have a linked Personal Licence. To obtain this
you must have a nationally recognised qualification, which can be dealt with at our Licensing
Academy, and must produce a Criminal Records Bureau certificate. 21st Century Licensing can deal
with each part of this smoothing matters along while you or your staff concentrate on your revision for
the exam!
We can even assist in getting you trained in the Award for Personal Licence Holders ( APLH ), previously known as the National Certificate for Personal License Holders. ( NCPLH ) Courses are available at our training centre – The Licensing Academy.

Premises Licences & Club Premises Certificates
21st Century Licensing will prepare, draft and issue an application for a new Premises Licence, (or to make variations to an existing one) which must be submitted to the Licensing Authority, designated Responsible Authorities, (Police, Fire, Environmental Health, etc). We will also arrange the local advertising required by the Act Responsible Authorities and the broadly termed ‘any other person’ then have the opportunity to raise objections and the Licensing Authority must hold a formal quasi judicial hearing unless those objections can be resolved. As 21st Century Licensing has an excellent rapport with many of the Responsible Authorities and indeed contact them prior to submission of an application, we find it is rare that a Responsible Authority makes representation as we have normally dealt with their concerns before submission of your licence application. 21st Century Licensing can deal with any objections on your behalf and in most cases we are able to resolve these without the need for a hearing. However, if a hearing is unavoidable we are happy to represent you. We have had significant success assisting members clubs to vary or apply for their Club Premises Certificate.

Regulated Entertainment
Regulated entertainment includes such activities as the performance of a play, an indoor sporting event or performance of live or recorded music and dancing. We can ensure your Premises Licence application covers such specific regulated activities as are relevant to your business. The Live Music Act 2012 allows some exemptions which will be highlighted to clients as appropriate.

Festival Licences
Festival licences are the newest service offered by the company. We have a 100% success rate in obtaining the necessary documentation for all the music events we have applied for. These include the drinks licence, the premises license for music and dancing and the late night refreshment license. Our latest successes include the Mexican Day of the Dead festival in Rochford, Essex  and SOS Party in the Park in Southend-on-Sea which featured Peter Andre headlining. We are also currently working on a number of other projects with music promoters.

Transferring the licence or varying the DPS
Occasionally you may need to change the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) at your premises. We can prepare and submit your application to the Licensing Authority and ensure that the change is effected smoothly. If you have recently purchased or are about to purchase a licensed business 21st Century Licensing can arrange to transfer the existing licence into your name

Licence Reviews
Hopefully you will never need to engage our services on a review of your licence. If you do, we will
examine the case against you and give a frank and honest account of your options and likely
outcomes. We have a vast knowledge base when it comes to dealing with Police Applications for
Review of Premises Licences and have dealt with reviews by other Resposible Authorities such as
Trading Standards. We have never lost a review hearing.

Temporary Event Notices (TEN’s)
A TEN is the perfect solution for one-off events or to extend a licence for a few nights. They must be
generally served at least 10 working days before the event begins although there are occasions when
21st Century Licensing can obtain one at shorter notice on your behalf. TEN’s cannot apply where
more than 499 persons will be in attendance at any one time.
21st Century Licensing offer a fixed fee service for TENs whereby we will prepare and submit your
application to the Licensing Authority”