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There is never a bad time to carry out a quick premises check and make sure that you are legally compliant, but as the festive period disappears over the horizon why not take a few moments of the quietest time to run through your licence conditions? Here’s a few Licensing Act 2003 basics to check now before things get busy in the spring.

  • The Premises Licence summary needs to be prominently displayed is such a way that it can be easily read by the public


  • Customers must be made aware of the availability of half pints of beer or cider, 125ml glasses of wine, and whether spirits are sold in 25ml or 35ml single measures. The easiest way is by signage


  • You must check your Premises Licence to ascertain what other signage you have to display by the conditions on it. The most frequent signage that you will need to display is a “Challenge” notice advising that customers looking under a specified age (usually 21 or 25) will be asked for identification.


  • Other signage often required by Premises Licences are notices advising customers to leave quietly, or of the existence of CCTV or a search policy.


  • Authorisation to sell alcohol. Ensure all staff who sell alcohol are authorised to so by the DPS or a personal licence holder. This is best achieved in writing, signed by both parties


  • CCTV – check its working properly and check what’s required by your licence conditions


  • Check your Premises Licence is available on site and train your staff on the conditions. Keep training records on site so that you can demonstrate this training has occurred.


Spend an hour now checking everything is in order and it could save you hours later. The authorities mostly operate on a ‘Risk Rating’ Matrix. Thus, during an inspection, the more you pass, the lower risk you are to them and the less often you are checked. Who knows, you may be left alone during the busier times when you should be concentrating on your profit margin!



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