21st Century Licensing will prepare, draft and issue an application for a new Premises Licence, (or to make variations to an existing one) which must be submitted to the Licensing Authority, designated Responsible Authorities, (Police, Fire, Environmental Health, etc). We will also arrange the local advertising required by the Act
Responsible Authorities and the broadly termed ‘any other person’ then have the opportunity to raise objections and the Licensing Authority must hold a formal quasi judicial hearing unless those objections can be resolved. As 21st Century Licensing has an excellent rapport with many of the Responsible Authorities and indeed contact them prior to submission of an application, we find it is rare that a Responsible Authority makes representation as we have normally dealt with their concerns before submission of your licence application.
21st Century Licensing can deal with any objections on your behalf and in most cases we are able to resolve these without the need for a hearing. However, if a hearing is unavoidable we are happy to represent you.
We have had significant success assisting members clubs to vary or apply for their Club Premises Certificate.